• Laura Manston

Use your vote wisely when the time comes

Updated: May 7

Finally, people up and down the country will get to express their disgust at Johnson and their dismay at Starmer. The consequences of an endless string of scandals and a lacklustre opposition will culminate in this week’s local elections.

We won’t get our say just yet, here in Sevenoaks, but I ask people to remember this moment and which way they would’ve swung at the ballot box as our time will come - a year from now - and we will get our say too.

Those who are fed up with Tory lies and Labour apathy may be inclined to spoil their paper or forgo their vote but I urge people to shop around. These are NOT the only parties. There are other parties locally, who are already working hard across Sevenoaks and gaining fantastic results.

After doing my own research, I decided that Sevenoaks Green Party best represented me and my aspirations. They may or may not be the party for you. But please at least look at the other options out there and, when our time comes, actively use your vote for positive change.

Laura Manston - The Sevenoaks Chonicle

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