• Paul Wharton

If they won't go, send a message at May elections

Updated: Jun 5

So now it is confirmed. The Prime Minister and his Chancellor broke the laws

they wrote themselves, and which imposed severe restrictions on the rest of

us. Then they repeatedly lied about what they had done, to Parliament and the

country as a whole.

How anyone could think that this was acceptable is beyond me. We need

leaders who are honest and law-abiding. If they break the rules they should do

the honourable thing and resign.

Some Conservatives have tried to use the war in Ukraine as a defence for the

Prime Minister. In fact the terrible situation in that part of the world makes it

more important for us to have trustworthy leadership, not less. And Boris

Johnson can hardly give his full attention to foreign affairs when he is trying to

cling onto office here at home.

On May 5 th people across the country – including some here in Sevenoaks – go

to the polls. If Laura Trott and her Parliamentary colleagues will not do the

right thing and evict the criminals in Downing Street, it will be up to the voters

to send them an unambiguous message.

Paul Wharton

Source: Sevenoaks Chronicle (p.12), 21/4/2022

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