• Paul Wharton

If Brexit Means Brexit, What Does That Mean For The Environment?

The most pressing concern for Sevenoaks Greens post-Brexit is how to ensure the continuation of the vital environmental and social protections that we used to get from EU membership.

We are very worried about more than 900 of the UK’s most precious wildlife sites and habitats that were protected under the EU Nature Directives. These protections were stronger than any that exist in UK law and protected local wildlife sites such as North Downs woodlands, Dover cliffs, Ashdown Forest, Dungeness, Sandwich Bay and many more. You can find a list of these Special Areas of Conservation at

We were assured by Leave campaigners that leaving the EU would not affect Britain’s commitment to environmental protection – we need to make sure Boris Johnson’s government take these commitments seriously. We urge as many of you as possible to WRITE TO YOUR MP, to show our Government the strength of support for enlightened environmental policies. You can click here for a template letter you can use to raise the key issues with your MP.

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