• Paul Wharton

Dominic Cummings

I was very disappointed to hear about our MP’s defence of the Prime Minister’s chief adviser (as reported in the Chronicle last week).

At the general election in December I stood against Laura Trott, and we disagreed about many issues. But like most people I desperately want the government to succeed in the battle against coronavirus. Dominic Cummings’ actions make that harder because he broke the rules he had helped to write, and thereby encouraged others to do the same.

Mrs Trott suggests that he ‘acted within the rules to safeguard his young child’. I wonder how his 60-mile round trip to Barnard Castle (to ‘test his eyesight’) fits into that argument. To be frank, Mr Cummings is insulting our intelligence.

We are not talking here about the activities of a private individual, but about the second most powerful person in the country. He must be held to the highest possible standard, at a time when thousands of lives are at stake.

I hope Mrs Trott will reconsider her support for the PM’s adviser, and join many of her fellow-Conservatives in their condemnation of his behaviour.

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