• Paul Wharton

Election Results 2021

Green Party candidates stood in all six of Sevenoaks’ wards in the Kent County Council elections on 6th May.

Our efforts were focussed on Sevenoaks Rural North East, which is shown in the results. However, we increased our share of the vote in every ward, even where we weren’t able to campaign actively, which is encouraging as it shows a natural shift in opinion.

Sevenoaks Rural North East LAURA MANSTON: 1632 votes, 33%, up 23%

Sevenoaks Town PAUL WHARTON: 407 votes, 6%

Sevenoaks North and Darent valley MICHAEL BARKER: 691 votes, 13%, up 4%

Sevenoaks Rural South HILL HARRIS: 638 votes, 14%, up 8%

Sevenoaks West RICHARD COBBOLD, 653 votes, 12%, up 6%

Swanley PHIL LEVY: 207 votes, 5%, up 2%

The fact that Sevenoaks Green Party has grown to the point of being able to stand candidates in every ward and increasing our share of the vote in every one illustrates the strength of the party and the coming months present an exciting time for us as we use these excellent foundations to build upon.

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